UPDATE: As of today July 20, 2019 we are currently enrolling for grades 1-8th grade. Incoming kindergartners who are 5 by September 1 and who have an OLDER sibling enrolling in our program will be enrolled.

Due to space limitations for the 2019/2020 school term we will not be enrolling for Kindergartners who do not have a sibling in our program. We HIGHLY recommend and value The Coppers Nest and Amanda Dixon’s Reggio based program http://www.thecoppernest.com/  They offer a wonderful TK and Kinder program and are a great asset to the homeschooling community.


We are dedicated to our children working towards the following benchmarks throughout the year. If upon assessment your child has already met these benchmarks for their age/grade level then please note that they will be working on benchmarks for the grade above them, while making sure we have a strong foundation in the fundamentals. If they are working below their age and grade level then we will work on the benchmarks for the grade below and we will make sure they also have a strong foundation in the fundamentals.

First Grade benchmarks.

Second Grade benchmarks

Third grade benchmarks

Fourth grade benchmarks

Fifth grade benchmarks

Sixth grade benchmarks

A question we get a lot is What happens if my child isn’t at grade level. We are here to facilitate a love of learning, reading and understanding of math concepts at whatever level your child is working at. If it is important to you that they “catch up” then we can work with you and help you facilitate that at home. But for our program we let kids work from where they are and gently guide them into mastering those higher benchmarks. If we encounter a lot of resistance we just stay and master a benchmark we have already done and try again a few weeks later.



Curriculum and Book list for the 2019/2020 school year

First/Second Combo
*****COMING SOON*********

Third/Fourth Combo
***** COMING COON******

Fifth/Sixth Combo


  • September 2019 Fever 1793 580 Lexile /The Cay-Theodore Taylor 860 Lexile/Glory Be 680 Lexile
  • October 2019 Bud, Not Buddy-Christopher Paul Curtis 950 Lex
  • November 2019 Number the Stars-Lois Lowry
  • December 2019 The Whipping Boy-Sid Fleischman
  • January 2020 Island of the Blue Dolphins-Scott O’dell
  • February 2020  Maniac Magee-Jerry Spinelli 820 Lexile /
  • March 2020Wonderstruck by Brian Selznick Lexile 830
  • April 2020 The Watsons go to Birmingham  920 Lex
  • May 2020 The Phantom Tollbooth -Norton Juster 1000 


7/8 grade:

We are so excited to announce that as of today July 20, 2019 we WILL be holding a 7/8 grade combo class.

Please note: Pay for the 7/8 grade works different then our elementary program And Wednesday is NOT optional for the 7/8 grade.

Class is Tuesday and Thursday from 9-2:30 and Wednesday 9-12 (always off the first wednesday off the month) Wednesday is  Small Group Study Lab and important to the success of the students.


As you know we have been working diligently over the last several months to create and strengthen our program for the 1st-6th graders at South OC HyBrid Homeschool (often called SOCHH). We have had numerous requests and an on going interest list for our 7/8 grade program. The 7/8 grade program has a different vision then our 1-6 grade program. Instead of one home room teacher, the junior high kids will rotate classes and have single subject teachers for math and lang. arts that come to our program throughout the day.
The potential schedule would look something like this :
9 AM: line up with the rest of the school & head into class with Ms. Brooke our 5/6 teacher for morning meeting and journal work.
9:45-10:30 AM: 7/8 head to the 7/8 room for first elective.
10:30-10:45 AM: first break for recess 10:45 AM-12:00 PM: languages arts
12-12:30 PM: lunch
12:30-1:45 PM: math
1:45-2:30 PM: elective
The classes for the junior high are more concentrated and ease the students into the rotational feel of middle school. The Wednesday, Small Group Study Lab. from 9 AM-12PM would be a required part of the program as it provides study hall and small group tutoring to make sure we cover all areas thoroughly for the success of the student and program. The Wednesday meeting is never held on the first Wed. of the month.
Because this program will run differently, the teachers I have been in discussions and they prefer that they remain vendors rather then employees of our program. Math and language arts classes will receive 2.5 hours of in-class instruction per week.
Tuition break down looks like this:
$125 per month campus fee that covers electives, Wednesday, Small Group Study Hall, and admin. fees
$120 per month for language arts teacher
$120 per month for math teacher
Monthly cost of the program= $365, with the above mentioned fees paid separately to SOCHH, and the math and lang. arts instructors.
Currently, Jenna Harline has very generously and enthusiastically welcomed the idea of running our language arts for 7/8. This will include grammar review and writing and literature.
We have not yet settled on a math vendor, but it is most likely a Singapore or Saxon curriculum.