What is SOCHH?  South OC Hybrid Homeschool is a learning center in Mission Viejo. We provide an academically focused program for students who are homeschooling but desire the structure and guidance of a classroom environment.

Is SOCHH a private school or charter school?

No. The CA Dept of Ed is very clear in what they define as a school. We intentionally do not offer more than 15 hours of instruction per week in our core program and do not cover all four core subjects, so we do not meet the classification for a school.


Do we get to pick my students’ classes?
No. The Core program is a 2.5 day comprehensive academic program and it is expected that families commit to the full curriculum and classes on the days they sign up for. Optionally, we do have a 2 day MATH option where students enrolling in that option come for our Math learning block only, and work from home on the other days. We also have enrichment classes taught on our campus on Mondays and Fridays. These classes are offered for a separate fee and open to any and everyone.

What subjects are taught in the CORE program?  We provide Math, Language Arts, and Social Studies instruction, and closely follow the Common Core State Standards (CCSS).

Is it a drop off program? What are the hours?

Yes, we are a drop off program. 1st-8th grade Core classes run Tues/Thurs 9-2:30 and Wed 9-1.  TK/Kinder class can be 2 day or 3 day; half day is 9-1, full day is 9-2:30. We offer optional extended care from 8-9am each morning, and until 4pm each day classes are in session.

Do I need to order my own books? All required curriculum is included in class fees and will be ordered by teachers.  It is strongly suggested that you purchase or borrow from the library the class novels if your student would like their own copy to follow along. Each teacher will forward a suggested supply list for students & a wishlist for classroom donations.


Where are you located? Our campus is located at 26001 Muirlands Blvd in Mission Viejo. We have an exclusive lease for the classroom and playground space located at Shepherd of the Hills Church (& former Preschool).

Can I visit the campus? For the privacy and safety of our students, we are a closed campus and do not accept walk-in guests or visitors looking for tours or program information. Tours are by appointment only. Families of SOCHH students are required to check-in in the office when visiting classrooms.

What should I know about the campus in regards to safety? You should know that while the parking lot is a private driveway, the campus is not gated all the way around. It is an open campus with a strict check in system for both our own families and visitors to the church office. You should be aware that there is a 5G tower on the church property and there is a railroad track beyond the hill adjacent to the parking lot. All students 8 years and younger must play in the gated playground area. Older students who are 4th grade and up do have their recess breaks in a designated area in the parking lot under the direct supervision of staff.


How does the registration fee workThe $300 registration fee serves as a placeholder for your student and it is required to be paid upon enrollment. The fee will be  applied as a credit to your May 2023 invoice. It is non refundable if you unenroll or withdraw at any time.

Can I pay for classes monthly? Payment can be made in full, or be divided into monthly installment payments. If payment for the annual class fee is made in full by August 31, 2022, a 10% discount will be applied to the invoice. If paying via installment payments, the first payment is due on August 01, 2022 and final payment is due May 01, 2023.


How do you decide class placements?
Student placement is based on formal assessments which take place prior to admission. We take into account the student’s academic history and experience, as well as their social and emotional makeup. Our classrooms develop their own “learning profiles” that will differ from year to year based on the makeup of the students in that class. This learning profile dictates the ICANN standards that the students are working in. For example, we may have a fourth grade class that begins the year working on the end of 3rd grade concepts OR a second grade class that is able to start on 3rd grade concepts mid year.

My student has an IEP or a learning or behavioral challenge. Can you help?

An IEP is a public school document, so while SOCHH does not create or execute an IEP, we are happy to review and consider students who have been diagnosed with specific learning disabilities on a case by case basis. Please note: we do not have a SPED, STS, or SAI department set up to handle services or accommodations. We do not have one on one aides so your child must be able to sit in a classroom in a cooperative manner, and work independently and in groups.

How do I enroll my students for 2022/23? Interested families are asked to complete an online orientation and intake application. If your student is a fit for one of our classrooms, you will receive a tour invite and a registration link.

How & when will my child be assessed? This year we have implemented Let’s GO Learn assessments for all our 3rd-8th grade students. This will allow us to better know each individual student and be able to better meet them academically where they are at. We have a goal setting conference in September and periodic assessments/progress reports in November, February, and May.

When do FALL classes start?

Fall CORE classes begin Tuesday, August 16th, 2022.

Arts & Innovation classes begin Monday, September 12th.

How do you deal with absences?

We do not hold any records of attendance for our students. However, we do require families to sign a homework policy and commit to the completion of assignments if they need to be absent from class.


Do you take charter funds? Yes, we are currently a vendor for SCALE, Excel, and Epic Academy, Suncoast Prep, and Sky Mountain Academy. If a family requests that we apply to be a vendor with another charter, we are happy to do so.

Will my charter funds cover classes at SOCHH? How much will I need to pay out of pocket? We have no way of knowing or being able to track all the charters, the range of funds they offer to their families, and which classes or students they are willing to pay for. It varies from one charter to the next and they often shake up their guidelines. Our general answer is that we are willing to apply any amount of funds they are willing to pay towards your balance. If those funds are not able to cover the entire amount owed it is the family’s obligation to pay the rest out of pocket.

What if my charter says that I can’t pay for anything out of pocket? Your charter can not legally tell you what to do with your private money or time.

What if my charter will not pay for a 3 day program? We have 2 day Math+ option available.

What do I do if my charter school teacher says my student needs to be working at grade level? This is something we hear often, however SOCHH’s mission, which presumably aligns with the families that are here, is to meet the students where they are at. It may therefore be in conflict with a charter who needs to keep their students at grade level.


How much teaching can I expect on the “off” days?  Our program is far more academically rigorous than A LOT of homeschool programs. UNLIKE most homeschool programs where the parent is the main teacher and the class is more of a support tool, at SOCHH, is it the teachers who do the majority of the heavy lifting in class; we teach all NEW concepts and parents are just asked to reinforce and support learning at home. It is the teachers who dictate pace, monitor progress, & make placement decisions based on how students present IN the classroom.

Is there a volunteer commitment required of parents? No, we do not require parents to volunteer.

How can I be more involved? For the 22/23 school year, we offer certain work exchange positions that provide a tuition discount. Click HERE for a list of the current work exchange positions.