“I have 2 children who attend SOCHH.  From day one I was so impressed with the well-thought-out and intentional program they have designed.   The teachers’ passions for the success of their students has been a gift to our family.  I appreciate the small class size and the ability to customize the program to meet my children’s individual needs.  Because of this tailored approach, my children’s confidence has soared and they’ve grown academically.  The teachers are personable and relational; that’s had a positive impact on both of my children. They feel safe and cared for.  The schedule of the program has given our family more balance during our week and allowed the children time to pursue personal interests outside of school.  As a parent, I have felt supported since the very beginning.  I cant say enough about SOCHH.  They have been a blessing to our whole family.  There’s no place like it.”

Dear South OC Hybrid Homeschool,

Our family cannot THANK each of the staff members and students enough for everything you have done for Ollie.  We will forever be grateful to have found your program.  We appreciate the love, acceptance, & learning he has experienced at SOCHH.  Thank you for the hard work & for really stepping up when the world went haywire!  You have each done an incredible job and had positive attitudes throughout our time at SOCHH.   THANK YOU!!!

With much love & gratitude,

The Johnson Family

“My kids have excelled leaps and bounds since they started attending SOCHH.  The director, teachers, and staff are all very dedicated and care about the well-being and education of each child.  Most importantly, my kids love attending SOCHH!”

“My 8-year-old son has never been to public school.  He’s been to various homeschool programs and classes.  SOCHH is by far one of his favorite schools with great teachers and amazingly attentive staff.  They somehow make learning fun as well as challenging for the kids.  Now, with the added challenge of online learning during this lock down, my son remains engaged and learning.  I can tell teachers and staff worked hard to make the transition seamless for the students.  Within six months, I’ve seen improved reading abilities and increased confidence levels.  This child has never been this excited to go to school.  SOCHH provides a safe and nurturing environment for children to learn and grow.”

“We love the teachers at SOCHH!  My kids are in the 4th grade and have worked with both Ms. Brooke and Mrs. Vose.

All of my kids love both of them and talk about how fun school is and how fast the day goes by.  SOCHH is such a good learning environment with great people that sincerely care about your child’s education and well-being.  It is truly the best program you will find.  The SOCHH community is amazing and a perfect fit for our family ? ”

“We feel so grateful to have found SOCHH for our children.  This hybrid homeschool program offers a wonderful opportunity to homeschooling families, allowing a perfect balance of classroom/school experiences and at-home learning.  Partner work, group projects, and specialized curriculum for independent learning opportunities allowed our children to excel.  The teachers take time to set goals for each child with their parents and adjust the curriculum accordingly to meet their needs.  Our children’s academic success skyrocketed, and their favorite days were always their days at SOCHH.  We’re so grateful for this opportunity to hybrid homeschool with a supportive team of teachers and staff that puts the well-being and success of every child as their top priority.”

“SOCHH changed our lives!  It is truly the best of both worlds.  I have always wanted to homeschool, and I did exclusively for the first couple of years of my child’s education.  The idea of entering a “hybrid homeschooling” program was a little daunting for someone who loves the personal touch and flexibility that homeschooling offers.  But once I committed to the program, I was honestly surprised at how much I loved it!  The teachers are so incredible, and they take the time to get to really know each of their students.  The smaller class sizes are so wonderful and allow for such a personal approach to each child’s education journey!  Everyone on the staff is so warm, kind, and friendly, and they genuinely love to see children learn and grow!  There is so much flexibility as well! As a parent, having someone else in your corner who wants to see your children not only achieve in their schooling but also excel as much as you do is so helpful and encouraging!  I can’t say enough about SOCHH!  I highly recommend it!  We are all looking forward to starting another exciting year at SOCHH!