SOCHH CORE: $4,680 per year, 1st-5th grade. Students enrolled in this option attend on campus classes Tuesday and Thursday 9-2:30 and Wednesday 9-1. Instruction includes Math, Language Arts/Literature, Readers and Writers Workshop, Social Studies, PBLs, etc.

SOCHH MIDDLE SCHOOL: $5,210 per year, 6th-8th grade. Students enrolled in the middle school program attend campus classes Tuesday/Thursday 9-2:30 and Wednesday 9-1 and an online homework lab (time and day TBD). Instruction includes Math, Language Arts and Literature, Social Studies, PBLs, and STEAM, taught by different single-subject teachers. Our SOCHH Middle School program is ONE of a kind!

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SOCHH EXTENDED DAY: Those choosing this option are committing to an annual enrollment into the extended day program at a rate of $1,520 per year in addition to the programs listed above. Limited spots available for 1st-8th grade ONLY. This is SOCHH CORE/MIDDLE SCHOOL with an early am drop off and later pm pick up option. Students enrolled in this option attend Tues/Wed/Thurs 8am-4pm and have an additional recess/snack followed by a daily homework lab.

SOCHH TK/KINDERGARTEN: $1400 per year for 1 HALF day 9-1pm or $1925 per year for 1 FULL day 9-2:30pm. $2800 per year for 2 HALF days 9-1pm or $3856 for 2 FULL days 9-2:30pm. $4200 for 3 HALF days Tues/Wed/Thurs 9-1pm or $5775 per year for 3 FULL days Tues/Wed/Thurs 9-2:30pm. To be TK eligible you must be 4 turning 5 years old during the school year. TK & Kinder is a play based class that primarily focuses on physical, social, & emotional development, language & literacy skills, & learning through play.

SOCHH MATH PLUS: $1,800 per year, 3 spots allowed per classroom, 1st-8th grade ONLY. 1st-6th grade students enrolled in this option will join us on-campus Tuesday and Thursday from 9-11am ONLY. Instruction includes Math and spelling/grammar. Students will have snack/recess with their class before they are picked up at 11 am. If student is in 7th or 8th grade they will come for math and recess only (times be different than above since middle school has a rotating class schedule)

SOCHH MONDAY ARTS & INNOVATION: 8 week sessions are $384. Additional discounts if you sign up for multiple classes or commit to the year’s worth of sessions. The class is Mondays 9:00 am – 1:00 pm, Available year round or in 8 week blocks. Students will be immersed in a weekly theme and will travel through “innovation stations” with hands on learning projects, art instruction, learning lab, S.T.E.A.M. projects, “curiosity adventures,” and more. The overriding goals of this program are to generalize what is learned in the classroom to the “real world” through hands-on, meaningful experiences; to guide students as they develop deep content knowledge through the Four C’s (critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, and communication); to foster a “growth mindset” where students discover that learning how to do something is just as important as the end result. View flyer HERE.

SOCHH FRIDAY FOUNDATIONS: 8 week sessions are $384. Additional discounts if you sign up for multiple classes or commit to the year’s worth of sessions. Fridays 9:00 am – 1:00 pm, Available year round or in 8 week blocks. View flyer HERE.

Just as we would not build a house without a solid foundation, we cannot expect a child to thrive academically without solid learning foundation skills. Our Friday Foundations program aims to do just that — to address the diverse needs of our students by tapping into their strengths, addressing learning weaknesses, closing skill gaps, and developing a growth mindset. Students will participate in activities based upon their needs, family goals, and abilities. Friday Foundations is based upon a four point structure:

  • Tutoring and Re-Teach: Small group instruction to address skill gaps, improve academic performance, learn information in an alternate format, work toward skill mastery, improve attitudes toward learning and boost academic confidence.
  • Cognitive Building Blocks: Activities to encourage the development of strong cognitive skills which students need in order to understand, absorb and recall educational content and include skills of attention, memory, processing and sequencing.
  • Learning to Learn: Activities to encourage 21st century learning skills such as organization, critical thinking, communication, collaboration, self advocacy, problem solving, and study skills.
  • Social Emotional Learning: Instruction and activities to encourage self-awareness, self-control, interpersonal skills, self-discipline, emotional regulation, growth mindset and positive social interactions.

Note about charters:

We are currently a vendor with the following charters: Excel, Scale, Epic Academy, and Suncoast Preparatory Academy (SPA). We are in the process of applying with a few others, waiting to hear back.

If a family requests SOCHH to be a vendor with a certain charter, we are happy to apply and see if we get approved.

Please Note: Charters may not cover the costs of the entire program. It is up to each parent to talk with their charter to see what and if the program you wish to be enrolled in can be covered using their charter funds.

To get more information about how SOCHH works, please visit our Information & FAQ’s page.