Thank you for considering South OC Hybrid Homeschool for the 2021-22 School Year. We understand that for many this is a huge step outside of BOTH traditional schooling and conventional homeschooling, and it serves a very unique niche of students and families. While we desire to provide as many opportunities as possible to ask questions and learn more about SOCHH to see if it is the right fit for your family, we are unfortunately, currently restricted from gathering for informational sessions due to the pandemic and instead, respectfully ask that you thoroughly review our website and literature to get a feel for our program.

The information included below is meant to be a comprehensive overview of our program and what is in the works for the 2021-22 school year.  We are inviting interested families who are very seriously considering SOCHH for Fall, to sign up for an audit day in March before the open enrollment period begins on April 1st. The audit day is for 1st-6th grade STUDENTS ONLY. We have a separate kindergarten round up day. Please email for specific info.

Click HERE to view info and sign up for tours and audits

UPDATED 3/9/21: Program Options 2021/22

  • SOCHH ONLINE: $2,000 per year, limited spots for 1st-6th grade ONLY. Students enrolled in this option will ZOOM with our designated Online Instructor for mixed grade, small group instruction on Tues and Thurs 9-2:30. Students can expect to be on and off for about 3 hours, with independent work to be completed and turned in weekly.  Includes math, writers and readers workshops ONLY and will be given asynchronous work to be turned in via Google classroom. It will not include Grammar, Spelling, Social Studies, etc.
  • SOCHH MATH PLUS: $1,800 per year, 3 spots allowed per classroom, 1st-6th grade ONLY. Students enrolled in this option will join us on-campus Tuesday and Thursday from 9-11am ONLY. Instruction includes Math and spelling/grammar. Students will have snack/recess with their class before they are picked up at 11 am.
  • SOCHH CORE$4,680 per year,  12-14 spots per classroom, 1st-6th grade ONLY. This is SOCHH as it currently is. Students enrolled in this option attend on campus classes Tuesday and Thursday 9-2:30 and Wednesday 9-1. Instruction includes Math, full ELA and Literature curriculum, Social Studies, Art, PE, PBLs, etc.
  • SOCHH EXTENDED DAY: $6,200 per year, limited spots for 1st-6th grade ONLY. This is SOCHH CORE with an early am drop off and later pm pick up option. Students enrolled in this option attend Tues/Wed/Thurs 8am-4pm and have the opportunity to attend an instructor-run homework lab. They optionally have a Monday morning ZOOM check in with the homework lab instructor from 9-11am.
  • SOCHH KINDERGARTEN: $2800 per year for Tues/Thurs 9-1pm, with the option to add Wednesdays 9-1pm for $1400/year. Students enrolled must be 5 years old on or before September 1st. TK students will be considered with teacher approval. Optional extended care will be offered for a separate, additional fee paid directly to the instructor.
  • SOCHH JR HIGH : $3500 per year, 14 spots for 7th-8th grade ONLY.  Students enrolled in the JR. High program attend classes on campus Tuesday and Thursday 9-2:30. Instruction includes Math, full ELA and Literature curriculum, Social Studies, Art, PE, PBLs, etc. On Wednesdays, students will have the option to add IEW, Science, and other enrichment courses taught by outside vendors for a separate, additional fee paid directly to the vendor.
  • SOCHH JR HIGH EXTENDED DAY. $4500, limited spots available, 7th-8th grade only. This includes Tues/Thurs, early drop off at 8 am and later pick up at 4pm, AND Wed early drop off at 8 am and covers extended care from 1-4pm ONLY. It ASSUMES you have/are/will enroll your child in the vendor-led enrichment classes from 9-1pm on Wed. Those are a separate, additional fee.
  • Wednesday Vendors: Jr High will have the option on Wednesdays to enroll in Science, History, or extended literature through vendors. These vendors will be on campus and families enroll directly through them. Elementary students will also have the opportunity to enroll in science and history classes from 1pm-4pm on Wednesdays, again these are not SOCHH programs but available on campus.

Enrollment for 2021-22 is open for current SOCHH families only and will open to new families on April 1st. Registration forms will be linked on our website.

  • It is important to note that SOCHH is a not for profit learning center/homeschool program. We are NOT a school of record for our students. As the parent, you are the primary teacher for your homeschooled child.  However, we provide instruction in math, language arts and social studies.  Each family is responsible for annually enrolling their students in a homeschool charter or PSP, or filing their own PSA with the state. We are not affiliated with any specific schools but we are happy to discuss these options with families and can point you in the direction of programs and schools that current families utilize.
  • That said, our campus does feel and act more like a micro version of a traditional school program, so unlike other homeschool programs and co-ops who have a wide array of pick and choose classes where a large number of students are coming and going, we are a small community of staff and students working towards like-minded goals. We fall in a category BETWEEN homeschooling and traditional school. Families who find the most success with us are those looking for a lighter, more flexible version of a traditional school environment.
  • Our program includes Math, Language Arts, and Social Studies instruction, as well as Art and PE electives.
  • Our class size is 12-16 students, depending on the academic and emotional make up of the class. All classes are combo classes and students work at their present levels with movement taking place during learning blocks.
  • Our goal at SOCHH is to place the emphasis on small group learning. This allows our teachers to work with kiddos at their level, moving them up and down in groups as needed and according to skill rather than age or grade. All students will participate in the morning meeting, group projects, lunch, recess, and PE in their homeroom with their age appropriate, grade level peers. During certain academic blocks, kids can be moved around to maximize their mastery of a subject.
  • Our classes, our curriculum, our guiding philosophy is to meet students where they are academically AND emotionally, as they present in the classroom setting. In some cases, your student shows mastery of a skill or can complete a task independently with you at home, but that mastery may not translate with a teacher, in class, and/or in front of peers. This situation is not uncommon, and is one reason we work so hard to place students where we feel they will find the most success, be challenged, and grow academically, socially, and emotionally. There may be units of study when you think, “my student can already do that.” Please understand that the skill we are working on is often not the isolated skill alone! It may instead be about giving them the support and confidence to work collaboratively and effectively in their groups. Often, we are working simultaneously on building stamina and emotional maturity or independence. Once they’ve mastered this skill (which if they can indeed do it at home, should not take long), then we will absolutely move them on to the next skill. Like you, we want students to be challenged and excited about what they are learning, which comes from building strong foundations and relationships. We acknowledge that they/we are all navigating our new environment and many changes with new friends. That alone can create anxiety and distractions. Kids might freeze up. We know this and will meet this with all the patience and empathy needed, so we ask for you to trust the process and give us time to get to know your student, what they know, and how they learn best.
  • Please keep in mind, teachers will lesson plan for the at home days where parents are asked to follow along in the curriculum provided. The expectation is that parents are reinforcing the concepts and strategies as they are taught in class. It is our experience that using additional, alternate curriculum quickly becomes confusing and frustrating for students. Please communicate with teachers if you have questions on HOW to help your students on their off days.
  • All that said, while our program and teachers devote a lot of time and attention to differentiation to each student, it is not private tutoring and students will not be able to reach the pinnacle of academic excellence the way they might with individual tutoring. Almost all of our teachers offer individual tutoring independent of SOCHH and we highly recommend this option outside of school hours if you desire it for your family.
  • We closely follow the ICANN standards for the state of California. We place a greater emphasis in teaching to each student’s learning style and being able to understand the concepts, then following a curriculum chapter to chapter all the way through.  We use a wide variety of methodologies to establish this. Some of our worksheets are teacher made, or pulled from other resources such as Readworks,, and Super Teachers. We are a literacy heavy program. Language arts is based off Lucy Caulkin’s Units of Study and we do novel studies in every grade. Younger grades additionally use Reading A-Z for phonics, spelling, and reading. Our program utilizes Singapore Dimension for 1st-6th grade math. To view our 2020-21 Curriculum Maps CLICK HERE.
  • We use google classroom for 3-8 grade, and children will use laptop/chromebooks to work on class assignments during the week. A chromebook is not required as we have extras but if you do have one they may bring them to school.

Admissions and Enrollment

  • There is $300 registration fee due upon enrollment. This fee serves as a placeholder and will be applied as a credit to your May 2021 tuition. The fee is not refundable, unless we are unable to enroll your child due to a class being full.
  • As a courtesy to families, we allow for a payment arrangement of timely monthly installments. South OC Hybrid Homeschool accepts cash, credit cards, check, and instructional funds from certain charters. Should there be a delay in processing charter funds, it is the parents’ responsibility to furnish payments until charter funds arrive. Parents are asked to sign and agree to our financial agreement at the time of registration.
  • Program fees include all our instruction which covers Math, Language Arts, Social Studies, Art, and PE electives; books and class materials are also included and will be ordered by the teachers.
  • Our play-based kindergarten is its own, separate half-day program. We offer a 2 or 3 option from 9-1pm, with an optional extended care option. The focus is on physical, social, & emotional development, language & literacy skills, & learning through play! All students must be 5 years old on or before September 1st. TK students will be considered with teacher approval.
  • Please keep in mind that we are a Covid compliant campus and currently operating under a waiver and are beholden to the ever changing requirements set forth by the Dept of Health and the city/state; thus the information is subject to change as needed. You can review our current campus protocols HERE.
  • We highly encourage SOCHH families to partake in our Summer Intersession July 5th thru the 29th. Summer offerings will include both core and enrichment classes for 1st-7th grade students. Our SOCHH CORE program can be thought of as a bootcamp to strengthen grade level concepts taught in previous years and to jumpstart their learning for the upcoming school year! It is designed to help bridge the gap and slow the backslide that students often experience over the summer. We have an interest list going for an online option, as well as a Kinder and younger class. More info can be found HERE. Enrollment is limited and will open to new families March 1st.
  • Our Fall semester and formal class instruction officially begins the week of August 16th. School calendars will be sent to enrolled families as soon as they are finalized; we closely mirror the Capo District school calendar for breaks.

Campus Info

  • We have a schoolwide monthly newsletter that is emailed so parents are always in the know of upcoming events. We use email, our private SOCHH Parents Facebook page, and the Class Dojo app to send out announcements or reminders. We are also active on Facebook and Instagram so please find and follow us for updates!
  • SOCHH operates as a 501c(3) not for profit business. Our staff is a small team led by an unpaid, volunteer executive director in an effort to keep costs as minimal as possible to families. In addition, our Board of Directors and Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) organizes and plans several fundraisers throughout the school year to help subsidize program expenses, scholarships, etc. We ask parents to support these efforts in whatever way they are able to as it benefits all of our students directly.
  • SOCHH is a secular program that celebrates diversity and strives for inclusion of all faiths, families, lifestyles, cultures, and races. All are welcome and celebrated here and we lean into discovering other communities through our literature. You can see our book lists HERE (link coming soon).
  • A few things to note about our campus: We celebrate birthdays, seasonal events and holidays including Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day. We are NOT a nut-free campus. Please let us know if your child has allergies, especially food allergies that may require a separate eating area.
  • We are a cell phone free campus. We ask that students do not bring cell phones or tablets to school unless they are instructed to bring them by teachers. If your child has a phone, they need to keep it off and in their backpacks during and after school. We have a campus phone that parents can always call or text should they need to get a message to their students or to staff. Likewise, students are always permitted to call parents from this phone for any reason.